VIP “Perspective” represented interests of Voronezh Region at an event which took place on October 17-19 in Germany.

A delegation of the industrial park participated in the investment forum sponsored by the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia and the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce. Over 150 German enterprises, entrepreneurs’ associations and industrial parks participated in the forum “Production Localization in Russia – Basis for Commercial Success of German Enterprises”.


The agenda of the investment forum covered the matters of localization of German production facilities at the territory of the Russian Federation; negotiations were held with the German Association of Automotive Industry, German Engineering Federation, and a number of companies willing to transfer their production facilities to or create new facilities in Voronezh Region.


Events of the investment forum were held in Leipzig and Stuttgart. During the forum our delegation, together with the sponsors, described the correct method of selecting the perfect platform for setup of production, what types of state support exist in Russia. 

Factors to be taken into account when designing the construction of new industrial objects, project financing options, and issues of selecting satisfactory personnel were discussed.