Voronezh holds the first place based on industrial production growth rate

The Governor of Voronezh Region, Mr. Alexei Gordeev, voiced several
sets of statistical data at the meeting with the press.
Based on official data, Voronezh Region holds the first place in Russia
based on industrial production growth rate – it is ahead of the rest of
the country by more than 20%. Based on results of the first six months
of 2012, the region’s industrial production index amounted to 134%,
while the same indicator for Russia in general amounts to a little over
Development of the investment component was also mentioned in the
talk with the media: last year’s number reached 110%, while in Russia
on the whole it was 108%. 
In the past two years the growth of investments in our region amounted
to over 30%, the Governor remarked. There are data witnessing that
the region’s economy has been undergoing rather intensive development,
and new workplaces are being created. As far as unemployment level is
concerned, we have returned to the pre-crisis level or lower. We ar
particularly gratified that both in Voronezh and in a number of municipal
areas new enterprises and organizations will open in the next couple of
years, which will permit additionally involving thousands of people in the
Source: http://www.govvrn.ru/wps/portal/AVO