Summing up the REX-2012



Summing up the REX-2012 TransRussia 2012, I would like to mention a few noteworthy points.

The first - despite the fact that the exhibition is devoted to the REX, mostly commercial real estate, we can state interest in "non-core" visitors to the warehouse and industrial market segment. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the highly competitive retail market is experiencing a period of saturation, which means that investors began to find their niches in other segments?

If so, then we can anticipate a further bias in investment activity from the office and retail property to industrial. A recent statement by the Prime Minister, where he talked about simplifying approval procedures for industrial facilities, adds to our attractiveness of the project and encouraging players on the market.

Second - we have conducted a series of consultations with the visitors, who asked us to conduct an examination of land to determine the feasibility of creating their own industrial parks in various regions.

In addition, our partners have stressed that they are interested in the prospects of development of this industrial land.

We are currently considering proposals for joint projects to develop industrial parks, where we can act as a management company, provides comprehensive support at all stages - from initial consultation to commissioning.

Background: In April 2012, Voronezh Industrial Park "Perspective" has been certified in the Association of Industrial Parks, which indicates the high quality of services provided.