Industrial Park "Perspective": from regional to international level

In March, we participated in the largest international real estate investment exhibition MIPIM-2012, which is traditionally held in Cannes. What is MIPIM - is more than four thousand investors from around the world - from America to New Zealand. This is more than nineteen thousand visitors in four days. For us it was a real breakthrough, because it exposed the whole cities and regions of global projects for the development of territories. And we, too, was that the show today, "Perspective" - ??a functioning industrial park, which already has an engineering training and the necessary communications.

Geographically we are located in the heart of Europe, within 500 miles home to more than thirty-five million customers, making the project attractive for trade and logistics companies. And the status of the industrial park provides tangible benefits and industrialists - the land tax from zero to state subsidies.
What is more apparent uniqueness of our offer - we are, in fact, proposed investment project, not only in the private industrial park, but also in our region as a whole. We have made every effort to attract the attention of foreign experts in the field of investment potential.

We are interested in the parish of foreign companies in our region, so all means encourage these processes.

For example, in September, at our initiative, the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia, which we are members, organizes the conference in Voronezh on the investment potential of the Voronezh region.

But back to talking about MIPIM, I can unequivocally say that this event is justly considered one of the key business events world-level. At one point, going to the major market players, and they are open to dialogue!
We spent about one hundred and twenty meetings, which talked about all the benefits in terms of investment in the "Outlook."

For us MIPIM was very fruitful, we have completed all the tasks and were satisfied with the results. Participation in the exhibition has allowed us more time to evaluate your own potential and opportunities, examine the experience of the world's leading developers, to know the opinion about the project with foreign colleagues. But most importantly, we were able to establish contacts with representatives of the international investment community. So soon we will have a series of negotiations with potential international residents of our industrial park.

In addition, we continue to feel in the main events. For example, in April, "Perspective" will participate in an international exhibition of commercial real estate REX-2012 in Moscow. In parallel with the REX we accept part-time participation in the Moscow International Exhibition TRANSRUSSIA 2012, which will be presented at the stand of the Voronezh region.