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Working at “Perspective”

Cutting down other people’s costs

It is now that in place of former waste grounds in the Novousmanskiy Area, at the 10 km mark on Voronezh-Tambov highway, 145 ha of self-sufficient territory with paved, well-lit roads and all engineering utilities are located. Almost two years ago, when owners of “Perspective” first had an idea of creating an industrial park, land development was not their first priority.

“Firstly, receiving approvals and permits for construction took several long moths. If the entire time I spent at officials’ offices is put together, quite a few days will accrue,” jokes Andrei Chekurin. “Many today’s entrepreneurs have no clue exactly how many documents are required to start a project from zero level! I personally achieved approval of the entire volume of paperwork. Secondly, our entire suburban settlement in fact represented co-financed construction. At the moment of the project’s commencement few people were willing to trust their money to a project ambitious but truly unique for our region. So, we personally amassed funds for creation of the park, without share participation”.

In Chekurin’s opinion, completed works will cut down the time wasted by the park’s residents on all bureaucratic procedures at least by three times - production works can be started at the territory of “Perspective” within a single year and not within three to five years your would need to legally formalize construction on your own from the very beginning.
Complete infrastructure set

The main goal of the project of any industrial park is installation of all required utilities, and in “Perspective” it has been completed using the required sufficiency concept. Developers decided not to burden residents with excessive objects, but offered them the facilities minimally required for normal operation of industrial production. In other words, creation of utilities optimized costs of future landowners. Let us consider main infrastructure components in more detail. 
    Gas. Installation of gas pipeline branch to the park has been completed, and all potential residents will be able to connect the fuel to their facilities.  
    Electricity. A branch line with capacity 1 MW was installed; connection of all residents to it will be cheaper than standard connection of production facilities to networks of distribution companies.
    Road. It is represented by asphalt pavement from the federal highway to the park and within the park to each estate, equipped with regulated traffic. “In case of necessity we could even connect railroad to a facility”, Andrei Chekurin states.
    Water. Water for sanitary needs is supplied by Voronezh Municipal Water Treatment Plant. For independent water supply there is the required amount of water at the depth of 30 m.    Internet and telephony. Beeline is to install a tower at the object, and place a fiber optic cable. 
Apart from that, developers have taken it upon themselves to manage the industrial park and have created a management company. It provides round-the-clock security of the facilities, develops the territory of “Perspective”, arranges the parking lot, performs technical maintenance of the utilities, approves and receives permits for construction of buildings and structures.

Andrei Chekurin insists that owners of up to 90% of land plots within the region offering their land for industrial construction mislead entrepreneurs:

“For example, a gas and electricity branch line passes close to the facility but it is impossible to connect to it due to technical complications. Also, frequently it turns out that the ceiling of energy resources has been reached”.

Locations in accordance to needs

Today, KDM Company has completed a logistical complex for furniture components at the lands of “Perspective”; construction of 2 more facilities of other organizations is underway; we are carrying out objective negotiations with a dozen companies for joining the industrial park. Representatives of “Perspective” itself could not disclose their names due to a business secret, but they pointed out that they include rather well-known federal-scale and foreign companies.

It sometimes happens that we are approached by rather small businesses and asked to sell them a land plot of just 1000 sq. m. We are forced to explain that it is economically inefficient not just for us but also for the resident’s business. It will undoubtedly expand, but its options within the park would be exhausted.

The current price of 20,000 per 100 sq. m. is called adequate at the park. Andrei Chekurin states that the land is in fact being sold at its net cost - within the framework of the initial stage of the project’s development. However, within the nearest future the price of the park’s lands will escalate.
Trial by crisis 

“Perspective" has set its course for cooperation with small and medium-size businesses due to high mobility of small and medium entrepreneurs:

“Many of them held their own during the recession and continued searching for ways out of problematic situations. We have also decided to somehow defy the difficult circumstances and at the same time offer a convenient platform for the businessmen's projects”, asserts Chekurin.

The head of the development department at “Perspective” believes that their industrial park has become an answer to the crisis: its reliability has been maintained by guarantees and support on behalf of the region’s and area’s administration. Even now the steady interest to the industrial park from local and other regions’ entrepreneurs creates every pre-requisite for “Perspective” to become one of the city’s leading production and logistical projects. 
September 2011