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The Industrial Park “Perspective” - everything is ready for arrival of its residents

Andrei, it has been a rather long time since our last interview. Has the concept of the project of the Industrial Park “Perspective” undergone any changes?

The project is a long-term one; therefore, it would be wrong to alter the concept. Our format is an industrial park for small and medium-scale production facilities. Objects we are selling include land plots for construction with engineering utilities for their placement.

How are the things going with engineering utilities at the moment? What has been done, what remains to be done yet?

We have spent the first couple of years of the project’s existence on legal issues - approvals, receiving permits, etc., then we were carrying out intensive construction, and today everything planned in relation to creation of the infrastructure has been 90% complete. We took upon ourselves electricity, gas, and asphalt works. The access road to the industrial park has already been built, and connection to the highway has been completely arranged: acceleration/deceleration lane, lighting, road marking - all in all, everything required in these conditions is ready. The distance from the connection to the highway to the park is 1.7 km. And we would like to point out that these 1.7 km form a 6-meter wide 3rd category road. Even the highway belongs to the second category, and the road - to the 3rd one! The company “InterStroyPlus”, which also is one of the residents of the Industrial Park “Perspective”, approached construction of the road very responsibly and the works have been completed at the highest possible level. As far as electricity is concerned, all technical conditions have been approved, construction of the branch line has been completed, and technological connection is to be performed in the nearest future. Gas pipeline is being currently laid.

Why did you choose this very set of utilities? 
We do not burden the park’s residents with excessive infrastructure, and initially we include only essential items in the set. Gas, asphalt pavements are a must, they are included in the cost; electricity depends on its volume. It is possible for the customer not to connect to the line at all, but use a gas piston generator, because in this case the cost of a kilowatt-hour in this case would be significantly lower for him… At the same time we are able to connect everything a resident might need - even a railroad.
And water? You never mentioned it…

This is the simplest one of all basic questions. Many customers need water only for sanitary purposes, and it is supplied by the municipal water treatment plant in accordance to the contract we have entered into with it. There is water at the depth of 30 meters, so in case of necessity we would be able to arrange independent water supply. The situation is similar with treatment facilities.

How will the communication of the industrial park with the outside world be arranged?

Internet and telephone communications will be connected in the nearest future; we have already entered into an agreement with Beeline. We are to erect a tower, lay fiber optic lines, so the communication will be stable.
In your opinion, what is your current competitive advantage?
We have the territory which actually possesses the entire set of declared infrastructure elements. And all those objects have already been approved, which is very important. For this very reason the current price - 20,000 per hundred square meters - is practically giving it away for free, because the cost of the land forms only a quarter of the amount, and the rest is attributed to the cost of utilities. And when I am told that there are cheaper variants, as a rule it turns out that they speak only about the cost of the land. We are planning to raise our prices in August, because then everything will be connected, and we’ll have zero risk.

Are the customers ready for that?

About ten companies have already expressed real intentions to purchase the land with the finished engineering utilities at the double price - their priority was to remove the risks completely. At the moment we are occupied by negotiations with them. Primary residents who have been planning to purchase land plots at out park are currently at the state of contract signing. I am not going to disclose commercial secrets; I shall only say that they represent serious federal-scale and foreign companies. We have scheduled a presentation on August 17, which will draw a line on the preparatory stage of works; we have fulfilled all obligations declared by us, and now our task is to assist the development of residents of the Industrial Park "Perspective". Namely, in the next few months the warehouse is to start its operations, two objects are being planned and their construction will commence in 2011. Next year we expect further filling for all characteristics, because developing a site single-handedly involves immense risks…
What exactly is the risk of such “single voyage”?

Dangers lie in the legal sphere. When a person starts selecting desirable variants, as a rule he cannot place the sort of enterprise he has on 50% of land plots he likes - for example, it does not suit based on sanitary requirements, etc. Our task is to minimize those risks. I have a list of approximately 55 documents, which I recommend everyone to study prior to purchasing a land plot. And I also consult on plot selection - perform expert assessment of plots. When we sell plots in the Industrial Park “Perspective”, we usually obtain preliminary approval with the local architecture administration, Consumer Rights Protection Service, acquire all required written findings, for example, a statement of veterinary services that there are no animal burial sites nearby - we once had a case like that… Our goal is not only to sell land, but also to create ultimately advantageous conditions for our customers’ business.

August 2011