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Production and Warehousing Park “Perspective”
We minimize infrastructure costs

The Production and Warehousing Complex “Perspective” is located in the Novousmanskiy Area of Voronezh Region within 12 km from Voronezh (Village Babyakovo). Its area - 123 hectares - has been divided into plots for construction of warehousing and industrial facilities. The project of the complex, presentation of which took place in July 2009, is aimed at provision of the territory with developed infrastructure to investors.
Today, land marking operations have been completed; cadastral passports and registration certificates of a number of land plots at the complex’s territory have been received. Now their purchase involves a single-step contract signing and transferring documents for receiving the investor’s registration certificate in his capacity of an owner. 
At the moment administrators are involved in arrangement of communications and development of the complex’s infrastructure, and the main stage of construction will commence in May 2010. All land plots at the territory of the complex have been divided in quarters, and an asphalt road and a gas pipeline will pass through each quarter - construction of the pipeline is to commence already in May. Roads will be arranged during 2010. The complex is located at 1 km distance from Voronezh - Tambov highway. This section of the road will also be covered with asphalt. It has been planned that it will represent a 3rd category dual road 7 meters wide, designated for heavy haulers.

The complex’s infrastructure stipulates a flexible system of electric power consumption variants. The owner could pay for the required electricity consumption limit, connect to the gas pipeline, use its own gas piston generator, or install a more powerful generator and supply power to his neighbors. Managers of the complex also offer several variants of water supply to the investors. Therefore, there is a possibility of drilling an independent well or, as an alternative, to install a water-retaining station for several adjacent plots after calculating water consumption volume in advance.

It is important that investors will be able to erect their own facilities along with infrastructure construction. The head of the development department of the Production and Warehousing Complex “Perspective”, Mr. Andrei Chekurin, pointed out: “Investors who plan to commence their own production in parallel to construction of utilities during this season could start erecting their facilities even now. Based on our plan, the term of commissioning an object amounts to 1 year. This means that if investors start construction works during this season, they will commence production by the next summer”.
The project of the Production and Warehousing Complex has been supported by the Administration of Voronezh Region, interested in implementation of perspective investment projects in the area. Attractiveness of the offer is also clear for large-scale investors, with whom we are currently negotiating. In spring 2010 construction of a logistics complex for KDM (furniture components) will commence. Kedr LLC is getting prepared for construction. Angstrem Furniture Company is considering construction of complex with the area over 60,000 sq. m. The complex's territory is one of alternative location for construction of a new confectionery plant in Voronezh.
Land plots with various areas at the complex’s territory are attractive for both large companies and small and medium-scale businesses. In the opinion of Andrei Chekurin, “managers of the Production and Warehousing Complex “Perspective” believe that their main task is to minimize investors’ costs for infrastructure and provide them with territories completely prepared for construction and commencement of production”.
Consulting companies, both Russian and foreign, have already praised the project of the Production and Warehousing Complex “Perspective”, highlighting the direction of its managers work as the optimum one in the existing market conditions. Purchasing industrial lands with regimented infrastructure is objectively profitable for investors. At that, managers have taken care of preparing all documents well in advance - this makes the complex stand out amongst numerous other projects.
“Generally, in Russia first construction of object is undertaken, and only then they are legalized. We, however, decided to start with going through the entire process of formalization and only then start building, just like it is required legally”, Andrei Chekurin insists. 

March 2010

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