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The “Perspective” of your success

One of the landmark events for the regional business in the past year was the decision to commence implementation of the project for creation of the production and warehousing park “Perspective”. At its presentation, which took place as early as in summer 2009, it was strongly stressed that this new unique platform was designated for development of small and medium-scale businesses in the Black Earth Belt, and it was no coincidence that the project was supported even by the government of Voronezh Region.

In any case, at the time those were just plans. How is “Perspective” doing now? We decided to find out how far ahead is implementation of the project, and were pleasantly surprised that, despite the crisis, ideas of the company’s management for the project’s implementation in 2010 remained unchanged. Moreover, in the time passed from the presentation they managed to complete a large volume of preparatory works, which significantly improves attractiveness of the project for representatives of small and medium-scale businesses: large land plots have been divided into several dozens of smaller ones with the area from 0.5 ha to 11 ha (and a certificate of title has been executed for each one of them), the gas pipeline is being designed as is a hard-surface road connecting the park’s territory to Voronezh - Tambov federal highway.  
Completion of these projects is scheduled for May or June.
The company’s representatives have also stressed that the project is aimed at creation of ultimately comfortable conditions for small and medium-size businesses: entrepreneurs, who for successful implementation of their business plans in the very beginning require land plots with strictly regimented configuration and layout, those who are clearly aware of their energy resources requirements and at the same time understand that the burden of inevitable expenses for territory security, proper maintenance of the infrastructure etc. is best shared with someone else.
The very concept of cooperation with “Perspective” permits making very profitable investments. Today, when leasing is practiced more often, it is even more important not to waste a chance of investing funds. 
At that, the issue will be solved promptly to the maximum, and you will save time by avoiding red-tape: you will become the owner of the land directly after signing the contract.

Apart from that, responsibility is borne by a single company, which guarantees quick and efficient solution of any issues - with deep understanding and without red-tape.

The project is truly defying the crisis, and its reliability is secured by the support on behalf of the region’s government and local administration.
Correctness of the selected development route and project implementation rate is also confirmed by the fact that some of the project’s partners are all ready to commence erection of their own facilities. 

The schedule of commissioning of your own facilities at the territory of the production and warehousing park “Perspective” is 1 year. It is high time to bring the business to a new level!

February 2010